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Durian - King Of Fruits

Durian - King Of Fruits

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Durian, known as the "king of fruits," has a unique taste profile that is often described as a blend of rich custard and creamy cheese with a hint of garlic. Durian is popular for its strong smell, which can pungent, some people even claim it smells like onions.  The texture of the flesh, when ripe, is custard-like and buttery, with a slight fibrousness.

Scientific Name: Durio zibethinus

Also Known As: The King of Fruits

When/How to Eat: Durian is best enjoyed when fully ripe, indicated by a strong and fragrant aroma that permeates the air around it. To open a durian, make a shallow cut along the thick skin and pry it open with your hands. Inside, you will find several edible creamy yellow segments. Take a spoon or your fingers to savor the luscious flesh, being mindful of the large seeds found within.

Where it Grows: Durian is native to Southeast Asia, particularly Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. It thrives in tropical climates and requires a significant amount of rainfall and warm temperatures to grow. Durian trees can be cultivated from seeds and can be grown is USDA zones 10-11

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