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Green Coconut (water coconut)

Green Coconut (water coconut)

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Green coconut contain a high-water content, the water harvested from the coconut has a tropical coconut fragrance when consumed. The coconuts flesh is sweet and hydrating.

The difference between a green coconut and a brown one is their age; the green coconuts are young and not yet fully ripe, while the brown ones are fully mature. The green coconuts have a much higher water content and less meat than the fully mature brown coconuts, and so they are typically consumed for their water while the brown coconuts are consumed for their meat. If you would like to order coconuts for coconut meat, we suggest ordering the brown coconut.

Scientific Name: Cocos nucifera

Also Known As: Water coconuts

When/ How to Eat: You can consume the green coconut by cutting a lid at the top of the coconut using a cleaver, you can then scoop out the jelly-like flesh and insert a straw to drink the water inside.

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