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Mamey sapote

Mamey sapote

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Mamey Sapote has a flavor that resembles sweet potato, apricot, or pumpkin pie. It has a creamy texture similar to an avocado.

Scientific Name: Pouteria sapota

Also Known As: Sapote, Red Mamey, or Zapote

When/ How to Eat: You can determine when Mamey has ripened by pressing against the fruit flesh, similar to a ripe avocado, when ripe, Mamey should be firm but not hard or overly soft.  

Where it Grows: We recommend you replant the Sapote seeds to grow your own tree. Mamey Sapote trees thrive best when planted in warm subtropical conditions. Sapote grows in zones: 9 through 11. Sapote is native to Mexico and Central America.

Nutritional Value:  An excellent source of Fiber which improves digestive health Contains Copper which your body needs to produce red blood cells and connective tissue High in vitamin B6 which help improve brain function and immune health

Please keep in mind the weight of each box varies from fruit to fruit and overall is dependent on the fruit's overall mass, size and shape. 

Special Request: 1 fruit OR 1 lb worth of fruits.

Small Box: contains up to 3-5 Ib of fruits.

Large Box: contains up to 8-10 Ib of fruits.

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***Cannot Ship to California*** Currently, the USDA has restrictions on the transport of this fruit from Florida to California. We are sorry for the inconvenience. To find out which fruits we can or cannot send to California, click the link below.



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