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Buy Queen of Fruit Mangosteen Now

Mangosteen has a delicious sweet and tangy flavor that can be compared to a mix of lychee, peach, strawberry, and pineapple.    
Scientific Name: Garcinia Mangostana 

Also Known As: Queen of the fruit 

When/ How to Eat: Mangosteen is a non-climacteric fruit therefore it will not ripen further so it must be consumed shortly after harvesting.   

Where it Grows: We recommend you replant the Mangosteen seeds to grow your own tree. You can do this by wrapping the seed in a paper cloth and then placing it in a zip lock bag for ten days. Ensure that it remains in a warm dark place for the 10-day germination process before placing the seed in a pot. Mangosteen trees thrive in tropical climate and is cold-sensitive, it is best when planted in USDA zones: 11 through 12. Mangosteen is native to Southeast Asia.

Nutritional Value:  Reduces pain and inflammation due to its abundance in powerful antioxidant, xanthones  Rich in Vitamin C and Fiber Supports blood sugar control Aides in weight loss

Please keep in mind the weight of each box varies from fruit to fruit and overall is dependent on the fruit's overall mass, size and shape. 

Special Request: 1 fruit OR 1 lb worth of fruits.

Small Box: contains up to 3-5 Ib of fruits.

Large Box: contains up to 8-10 Ib of fruits.

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***Cannot Ship to California*** Currently, the USDA has restrictions on the transport of this fruit from Florida to California. We are sorry for the inconvenience. To find out which fruits we can or cannot send to California, click the link below.

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