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Thai Banana

Thai Banana

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Thai bananas have a creamy white flesh that is sweet and fragrant with a juicy consistency to it.

Scientific Name: Musa acuminata x balbisiana

Also Known As: Nam Wa bananas, Chuoi Xiem, Kluai Nam Wa

When/ How to Eat: When ripe, Thai banana has yellow skin with black freckles, the flesh is creamy white. You can enjoy the delicious banana by peeling the skin off the way you would a yellow banana.

Where it Grows: Thai bananas are native to Thailand and can be grown in USDA zones: 9 to 11.

Nutritional Value:  Rich in Fiber which aides in digestion and is great for gut health Rich Magnesium content which helps soothe the neurological system by aiding in the relaxation of the body’s muscle and nerves Makes your skin glow as a result to the potassium, vitamin c, and vitamin B6 found in Thai bananas.

Please keep in mind the weight of each box varies from fruit to fruit and overall is dependent on the fruit's overall mass, size and shape. 

Special Request: 1 fruit OR 1 lb worth of fruits.

Small Box: contains up to 3-5 Ib of fruits.

Large Box: contains up to 8-10 Ib of fruits.

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