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Yellow Dragon Fruit

Yellow Dragon Fruit

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Yellow Dragon fruit has a firm and crisp flesh with a delicious sweet aroma. The inner flesh is sweet and the texture can be compared to a kiwi. The seeds are fairly large and crunchy, they can be found within the flesh of the dragon fruit and they are edible and safe to eat.

Scientific Name: Hylocereus megalanthus

Also Known As: Pitahaya, Pitaya 

When/ How to Eat: You can peel the Dragon fruits protective skin with your fingernails or cut into the fruit with a kitchen knife. You can determine when Dragon fruit is ripe when the wings begin to wither or when it give slightly when gentle pressure is applied. 

Where it Grows: Yellow Dragon fruit is native to Mexico, Central, and South America and can grow in USDA zones 10 through 11. Dragon fruit is a climbing cactus and thrives in hot climates. 

Nutritional Value:  Dragon fruit contains an abundance in Vitamin C, B, proteins and minerals which supports the digestive system and eliminating toxins Great for heart health as it is an excellent source of monounsaturated fats, this helps improve blood pressure Rich in Iron which aides in the production of red blood cells.

Please keep in mind the weight of each box varies from fruit to fruit and overall is dependent on the fruit's overall mass, size and shape. 

Special Request: 1 fruit OR 1 lb worth of fruits.

Small Box: contains up to 3-5 Ib of fruits.

Large Box: contains up to 8-10 Ib of fruits.

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