Where do your fruits come from?

Our fruits come from local farms in South Florida as well as from small farms in the Caribbean, Latin America, & Asia.

When will my order ship?

We ship orders at the beginning of the week. If you ordered after Tuesday your order will

Why do the boxes have a 2 lb discrepancy?

Our boxes have a 2 lb discrepancy because like nature, fruit is not uniform and may come in different shapes and sizes. We try our best to fill the box up as much as possible.

Are you certified organic?

While most of our fruits are grown with organic practices, we cannot label them as organic due to USDA certification. We are working on getting certified to have organic labeling, however as of now we cannot advertise our products as "organic" even if we do use organic practices.

How do you make homemade chocolate?

How do I know when my fruit is ripe?

You can check out our fruit ripening guide here

How do I know what’s in season?

You can check our seasonal guide here.