Our Story

How We Started

Our story begins with our grandmother, Juana, who loved to sow, plant, and grow. She could easily grow vegetables, flowers, herbs, and fruits. Her green-thumb inspired many people to begin growing their own plants. Her motto, "todos pueden sembrar," means "everyone can sow." She believed that everyone could grow plants successfully, and left us with the knowledge of how to grow our own fruit for future generations.

Fruit for Thought Frutas is a small, family-owned business based in Miami, Florida, created by siblings Grace and Bryan.

In early 2021, as grocery stores began to increase their price on fruit and vegetables, our oldest sibling began sourcing fruit growers, sellers, and producers in Miami, Florida. Her goal was to find high quality fruit at a good price, as she wanted to avoid paying too much money on fruit whose quality did not match the price tag.

Successfully tapping into South Florida's agricultural goldmine, she would end up bringing so many fruit and vegetables home that our family at home could in no way finish all the produce. We had so many fruit that we did everything to make sure we didn't lose it to spoilage: we began freezing the fruit, juicing the fruit, cooking the fruit...we even began giving fruit boxes away to our friends and family!

The idea to begin selling the fruit did not come to us until later, when our mother, Yaya, pushed that we should help make this fruit accessible, as not many people around the US have access to such exotic fruits.

After taking our mothers words into consideration, we decided to post individual fruit boxes on our instagram stories. Just seconds after posting, we received a flush of DMs for fruit orders.

This was the beginning of Fruit for Thought Frutas.

We started receiving fruit orders from all throughout the US asking for our exotic fruits: from request of large 

green avocados, to Mamey that taste like pumpkin pie, to sweet and sour soursop, people from every part of America were interested in South Florida's rare and exotic fruit.

Now, Fruit for Thought Frutas is dedicated to growing, sourcing, and picking the highest quality produce for you, at the best price.

In honor of our grandmother, we sow a fruit seed for every order you make; we do this not only to pass down her knowledge but to also remind people that everyone can sow...todos pueden sembrar.

In honor of Juana Henriquez, Maye.