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Red Banana

Red Banana

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Red bananas have a white to pink creamy flesh encased in a vibrant red to purple protective skin. The red banana flesh has a delicious slight raspberry- banana flavor. 

Scientific Name: Musa acuminate

Also Known As: Red Dacca, Red Spanish, Jamaican Red Banana

When/ How to Eat: Red bananas can be enjoyed by peeling the skin the way you would a yellow banana. You can determine the ripeness by the color: once the banana has turned a deep purple color it is ripe and ready to eat, if the banana is faint in color then it is not ripe yet.

Where it Grows: Red Bananas are native to Southeast Asia and can be grown in USDA zones: 8 through 10.

Nutritional Value:  Rich in healthy carbs which supplies an instant source of energy Contains beta carotene and Vitamin C which supports the immune system Could potentially boost/ improve mood due to the abundance in vitamin B6 (helps the body to convert tryptophan into serotonin, the feel-good chemical).

Please keep in mind the weight of each box varies from fruit to fruit and overall is dependent on the fruit's overall mass, size and shape. 

Special Request: 1 fruit OR 1 lb worth of fruits.

Small Box: contains up to 3-5 Ib of fruits.

Large Box: contains up to 8-10 Ib of fruits.

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